Urbaser reinvents itself for a more sustainable future through a 360º model of circular solutions, renewing its brand to boost its growth

  • Urbaser’s value proposition is based on a unique model of circular solutions, which links urban cleaning, waste collection and waste treatment while leveraging the value of the world’s resources.
  • Urbaser is bringing together people and innovation to offer the best environmental solutions for citizens, businesses and society along the entire value chain.
  • Urbaser’s new mission is to leverage the value of the world’s resources every day to build a more sustainable future:“Making circularity real”.
  • Urbaser alsohas new corporate values: expertise, commitment, reliability and inspiration, and with its new brand, the company is able to put its competitive positioning in the market to work for growth.

As a key part of its transformation plan, Urbaser has opted for a value proposition that is both differential and highly relevant in today’s market, based on an innovative model of environmental solutions aimed at “making circularity real”, while renewing its brand, mission and values to reinforce its competitive positioning and boost its growth for the future.

Urbaser’s new value proposition combines people and technology to offer the best environmental solutions for citizens, businesses and society, making everything flow along the entire value chain.

Urbaser’s model of environmental solutions connects urban cleaning, waste collection, and waste treatment with the value that we place on the planet’s resources. Turning waste into resources is one of the strategic foundations of both Urbaser’s new value proposition and part of its company mission.

Fernando Abril-Martorell, CEO of Urbaser, stated that “Our value proposition and mission are based on leveraging the value of the planet’s resources every day, in order to build a more sustainable future. Our current strategy and the launch of the new brand are very important steps in the transformation plan we are implementing at Urbaser to drive future growth.

Urbaser’s new mission can be summed up by the believe “Making circularity real”. This idea will accompany the new brand at each and every point of contact and will serve as the company’s new claim, reinforcing Urbaser’s role as an agent of change that will make circularity a reality.

The new values that will define and guide Urbaser are:

  • Commitment: Generating positive impact that contribute to the planet’s wellbeing.
  • Expertise: Amplifying Urbaser’s global leadership as well as a 30 year track record supported by technology and know-how.
  • Reliability: Offering the best environmental solutions that help to build a more sustainable future.
  • Inspiration: Being guided by proactivity in order to anticipate the challenges of transformation every day.

The new Urbaser brand reflects of the company’s transformation, transmitting circularity, modernity, technology and the future as its central pillars.

Urbaser’s logo will also evolve, adopting a symbol that shows horizontal waves integrated into a circle, bringing dynamism to the brand and creating a unique and stand-out visual style with a lot of personality.

Urbaser’s new brand colours transmit solidity and sustainability, seeking a balance between nature and technology. The main colour, Urbaser Green, promotes the values of expertise and reliability, and is the most differential and distinctive colour in the new brand’s palette. Urbaser Cyan symbolises inspiration and the emotional side to the brand, with white is used to leave space for clarity and transparency.

Urbaser’s new identity has a graphic system of containers and its very own visual resources, such as the waves or “Urbaser Effect”, the unique pattern of waves seen in the new logo that gives differentiation and recognition to the visual universe and originates from the logo itself. Urbaser’s new style is clear, robust, versatile and adaptable to any kind of content and requirement.

With the launch of its new strategy, Urbaser’s aim will be to maximise the value of its brand and implement the company’s transformation plan, empowering the company to fulfill its business objectives and boost its growth.

In this comprehensive project, Urbaser has counted on BrandFor, a strategic consultancy firm specialised in branding. The consultancy firm has been developing this project alongside the board of directors and Urbaser’s corporate business areas.