Legal Notice

This Legal Notice regulates the use of the website,, (hereinafter referred to as the Website), owned by URBASER, S.A. (hereinafter, URBASER), recorded in the Companies Register of Madrid, Volume 544, Folio 37, Sheet M-12103, assigned Tax ID Code (C.I.F.) A-79524054 with registered offices in Madrid, Spain, Calle Camino de las Hormigueras, 171, Telephone +34 91 412 20 00, Fax +34 91 412 29 07 and Email Address

General Terms and Conditions for Using the Website and Acceptance Thereof.


The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions for Using the Website is regulate access thereto, the information provided and trade relationships that may arise between URBASER and the Users of the Website.


Any person who access or uses the Website shall be deemed to be a User. Browsing and/or using any of the services on the Website mean that the User fully accepts each and every one of these General Terms and Conditions as stipulated in the version published at any given time without any waivers. Therefore, the User should read the General Terms and Conditions carefully every time they wish to use the Website.

If they do not accept the clauses stipulated in this Legal Warning, the User should abstain from accessing and/or using the services and/or content provided on the Website and proceed to leave it since they cannot access or use the services offered thereon. The User expressly accepts, without any waivers, that they access and use this Website, its services and the content of such services under their own responsibility.

This website is free to access and view and does not require any prior subscription or registration.

The information contain on the Website is up-to-date as of the date of its last update. The Website cannot be altered, changed, modified or adapted. However, at any time that it sees fit, URBASER may unilaterally modify the configuration of this website, its services conditions and its content or delete them, limit them or suspend them, temporarily or definitively and it may deny access thereto without any prior warning.

URBASER acts exclusively as the Website manager, as the provider of an information service regarding its own services and it takes no responsibility for the content that User may send or publish in breach of these general terms and conditions and the user is solely responsible for the truthfulness and legality of such publications.

URBASER may interrupt the Website service when the User is using it and it may immediately terminate the relationship with the User if it detects usage of the Website or any of the services offered thereon that could be deemed contrary to the provisions of this Legal Warning. Specifically, without limitations, if it found that the usage thereof could damage the image, interests or rights of URBASER or third parties or damage, restrict or overload the Website or impede the use thereof in any way.

Intellectual and industrial property.

The entirety of this Website: texts, images, photos, trademarks, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software files, technology, links and other audiovisual or audio contents, color combinations, as well as the structure, selection, order and presentation of the content (hereinafter referred to as the “Content”), its graphic design, selection of materials used, computer programs needed for it to operate and be accessed and used, and its source code, are protected by the Intellectual and Industrial Property Laws of the Kingdom of Spain and the international Treaties and Conventions that may be applicable thereto. It is prohibited to reproduce, distribute, publish, extract, reuse, forward, use in any way and transform them through any media or process except in the cases with prior authorization or legally permitted. It cannot be understood than any usage rights to such content have been granted to the User apart from that which is strictly necessary for using the Website.

The provision of all of these elements owned by URBASER or third parties that appear on the Website does not under any circumstances imply that they ownership thereof or the rights thereto are transfer to the User. URBASER does not grant any usage licenses or authorizations of any kind over its intellectual and industrial property rights or over any kind of property or rights related to the Website or the services offered.

Similarly, it is prohibited to reproduce, retransmit, copy, transfer or broadcast, completely or partially, modify, alter, adapt or translate the information contained on the Website, regardless of the purpose thereof and the means used without prior authorization from URBASER.

Apart from that specifically stipulated above, the reproduction of part or all of the content of this Website in any form, including framing, the creating of any derived work based on this Website and/or its content and the incorporation of its content into other Website, digital recovery systems or publications are prohibited.

The User is authorized to copy and print extracts and documents from this Website, except for the contents that is property of a third party which has been identified as such for non-commercial use, as long as copyright or other intellectual property rights and all liability exemptions thereof appear on all of these copies and print-outs. None of URBASER’s logos or trademarks can be used or reproduced without our prior authorization in writing.

It is prohibited to try to obtain the Website content by any means other than those made available for Users, as well as those that are commonly used online, as long as these do not damage URBASER’s Website.

If any User or third party deems that any of their legitimate rights have been breached because of content included on the Website, they must notify URBASER thereof immediately on the email address, stipulating their personal details or the party they are representing, indicating the protected content and where it appears on the Website with accreditation of the rights. The User shall be held liable for the truthfulness of the information provided in this notification.

Users that voluntarily provide images or other graphic or multimedia information to URBASER also grant their rights to reproduce it for the time that it remains on the web server. In any case, URBASER does not undertake any obligations with the User regarding such information and reserves the right to delete it at any time without any prior warning.
URBASER does not guarantee that the content is precise or free from any errors, or that use thereof by the User does not infringe any third-party rights. The correct or incorrect use of this Website and its content is at the User’s liability.


The Website may contain links to third-party sites. Pages belonging to third parties have not been checked and are not controlled by URBASER. The links that may be contained on this website are offered solely for informational purposes, with no assessment of the content, owners, services or products offered thereon.
In any case, URBASER and/or any website belonging to the group of which URBASER is the parent company cannot be held responsible for the content on such websites, the measures adopted regarding privacy or data processing or the usage terms and conditions.

URBASER recommends reading the usage terms and conditions and privacy policy for these websites.

If you are interested in creating a link to any of the URBASER webpages, you must provide notice of this since express consent is required in order to create the link. URBASER reserves the right activate any links to its website.


URBASER reminds Users of legal age who have minors in their care that it is their exclusive responsibility to determine which services and/or content are age-inappropriate for the latter.

URBASER informs you that there is software that allows you to filter and block access to certain content and services so that parents or legal guardians can decide what online content and services should be accessed by minors and which should not.

Communications from URBASER to the User are sent in accordance with the data provided by the latter when registering with the Website. A User taking out services through the Website should state that they are of legal age in accordance with Spanish law and, if they are taken out by minors, authorization will be required from their parents or legal guardians in order to use the service taken out.


URBASER allows for diligent and responsible access to and use of the Website; however, URBASER takes no responsibility directly or vicariously for:


    • Any possible damage that may be caused by interferences, omissions, interruptions, viruses, telephone faults or disconnection from the operations of this electronic system, caused by reasons beyond the control of URBASER; delays or blockages when using this electronic system causes by deficiencies or overloads in the Data Processing Centre, telephone lines, the Internet or other electronic systems.


    • Any damage that may be caused to the User’s devices as a result of using the Website.


    • Any case of a third party accessing messages or using them to send viruses by breaching the established security measures and/or through illegal intromissions.


Defects of any kind in the in the content transmitted, broadcast, stored or provided. The legality, reliability or usefulness of the content that Users transmit when using the Website or the services offered thereon, as well as the truthfulness or exactness thereof. URBASER does not control how the Users use the Website nor does it guarantee that they do so in accordance with the provisions of this Legal Warning.

The User is responsible for the following, (for the purpose of explanation without limitations):


    • The content they enter, especially data and information entered and sent to URBASER through the Website or on the Website.


    • Carrying out any kind of illegal, adverse and/or damaging action and/or any that could breach rights.


    • Providing incorrect or untruthful data.


Similarly, URBASER shall not be held liable for any damage caused to the User are a result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided as long as this is from external sources. Notwithstanding the foregoing, under no circumstances shall contracts existing between URBASER and its customers be affected except in cases of force majeure.

Obligations for the User.

In general, the User undertakes to comply with these General Terms and Conditions as well as the special warning and usage instructions contained therein or on the Website and to always act according to the Law, good conduct and the demands of good faith, acting with due diligence for the nature of the service used, abstaining from using the Website in any way that could impede, damage or diminish the normal functioning thereof, URBASER’s assets or rights and good name and commercial image, and those of its supplier and the other Users and, in general, any third party.

Specifically, without any restriction whatsoever on the obligation undertaken by the User in general in accordance with the previous section, the User undertakes to use the services and contents on the Website in accordance with the Law, these General Usage Terms and Conditions, undertaking: (i) to truthfully provide data and keep it up-to-date; (ii) not to enter, store or share on or from the Website, any information or material that is defamatory, offensive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, incitement to violence or discrimination based on race, sex, ideology, religion or in any way that breaches morality, public order, fundamental rights, public freedom, or the honor, intimacy or image of third parties and, in general, the legislation in force. URBASER reserves the right to withdraw any comments or input that damage the respect for the dignity of people, be they discriminatory, sexist, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, that are a threat to children or infants, order and public safety, among other things, or that, in its opinion, are not deemed fit for publication. In any case, URBASER shall not be held liable for nor shall it compensate damages caused either by the opinions provided by the Users through the forums, chats or other participation tools; (iii) not to enter, store or share, through the Website, any software, data, virus, code, applets, macros, Active X controls, hardware or telecommunications devices or any other instruments or electronic or physical device that could cause damage to the Website, any of the Services or any of URBASER’s devices, systems or networks or those of any User, URBASER’s suppliers or, in general, any third party, or that could cause any kind of alteration or prevent the normal functioning thereof; (iv) to correctly store the “Username” and “Password” provided by URBASER to the User as ID elements that allow access to the different services offered on the Website, undertaking no to grant access thereto to any third party, taking responsibility for any damage that could be caused by the incorrect use thereof. Similarly, the User undertakes to inform URBASER as soon as possible if their “Username” and/or “Password” are lost or stolen, or could be accessed by a third party; (v) not to carry out marketing, promotional or commercial activities using the Website, not to use the content and, specifically, the information obtained from the Website to send advertising, messages for making direct sales or any other commercial purposes, or to collate or store third-party data; (vi) not to use false identities or to steal other people’s identities when using the Website or any services on the Website, including using third parties’ passwords or access codes or, where applicable, to attempt to access the email accounts of other Users and modify or manipulate their messages; (vii) not to destroy, alter, make use of, restrict or damage the data, information, software or digital documents of URBASER, its suppliers or third parties; (viii) not to enter, store or share through the Website any contents that breaches intellectual or industrial property rights or third-party trade secrets or, in general, any contents for which they do not hold the right to provide to a third party by law.

Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

The Privacy Policy, which contains the Data Protection Policy as well as the Cookies Policy for the Website, is available for the users by clicking on the following links:

Applicable law and jurisdiction.

These General Terms and Conditions and Policies for the Website have been drawn up in Spanish and translated into English; should there be any discrepancy between the two versions, the Spanish version shall prevail. The Terms and Conditions for the Website shall be interpreted by and are subject to Spanish Law.
These Terms and Conditions are in accordance with URBASER’s Good Governance Policy and Ethical code, which define the behavior and commitment for the company to comply with the provisions therein regarding one or more trade practices or economic sectors. You can obtain further information about the aforementioned URBASER policy on:
Both the User and URBASER undertake to submit any dispute that may arise from the existence, access, use or contents of the General Terms and Condition for Using the Website exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may be applicable thereto.


For any queries regarding these Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us using the address provided at the beginning of this Legal Notice.


The Website,, has an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate awarded by the accrediting institution, LET’S ENCRYPT, in order to ensure security in the transfer of data between your browser and our Website.
The secure server establishes a connection for the information to be transferred in encrypted form, through 128-bit algorithms or greater, which ensures that it will only be intelligible to the User’s computer and the Website. In this way, when using the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol, the following is guaranteed:

    1. The User sends their data to the Website server and not to anyone else.
    2. Data is sent encrypted between the User and the Website, making it impossible for third parties to read or tamper with it.

To check that they are in a secure environment, the User should check that the URL of the Website to be checked starts with https://. They can also see if a Website is safe when the padlock icon appears in the address bar of the browser.
Lastly, they can also check that there is an SSL certificate, checking the properties of the Website in their browser; to do so, they must check the features thereof.

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