Urbaser Circular Solutions

We offer a model of environmental solutions to make circularity real.

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Urban cleaning

We work to make our cities, beaches and parks cleaner and more sustainable. Combining the work of people and machines, our solutions are subject to the strictest quality standards at all times.

Green space management

We manage the Green Space Maintenance Service in several of Spain’s biggest cities, as well as in other countries around the world. Our solutions are comprehensive, covering green space management, cleaning, gardening, construction and remodelling.

Waste collection

We operate an efficient waste collection service for all kinds of urban or industrial waste, using all the systems available on the market. We are pioneers in the use of clean energies (gas and electricity) and the application of technology to real-time service monitoring systems. 

Waste treatment

We are a leading company in waste management and treatment that works on designing, financing, constructing, commissioning and maintaining treatment and recycling plants, mechanical biological treatment including anaerobic digestion and composting, energy valorisation, transfer stations and municipal and industrial waste disposal plants.

Municipal waste treatment

We cover the entire value chain, from the design, conception and implementation of the treatment service to the construction, financing and management of plants and facilities. With more than 20 years’ experience and expertise, we are a world leader in waste management processes for optimal reclamation.

At Urbaser, we manage, recover and reclaim municipal waste in several Spanish cities, as well as having a strong international presence.

CDW treatment

Within our Waste Treatment section, the Works and Conservation Division at Urbaser specialises in designing, planning and constructing all types of environmental and waste management works and infrastructures. We are licensed to recycle construction and demolition waste in several autonomous communities.

Industrial waste treatment

At Urbaser, we offer environmental solutions for the industrial sector. Our mission is to manage hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste in a comprehensive, sustainable manner, from collection and transport through to recovery, recycling, reclamation, regeneration and disposal.

Waste recovery

Waste recovery is one of the main components of the circular economy. Urbaser are a leading company offering innovative solutions for recovering materials and energy from waste.

Recovery of materials

We work with waste as a raw material with the aim of maximising the amount of material recovered. To do this, we have a team of experts for every type of treatment process, who are familiar with the latest technologies in their area.

Our Alfonso Maíllo Innovation Centre in Zaragoza is an international leader in the sector and demonstrates our commitment to streamlining processes and applying new technologies to maximise the amount of raw materials that can be recovered.

Waste treatment

One of Urbaser’s top products is the Integrated Waste Treatment Centre. The centre receives different types of waste, which are treated separately at specific facilities for each type. When the waste is collected, it is transported to the nearest treatment centre where it is sorted by type and recovered before being transformed into new raw materials.


Our goal is to maximise the electrical and/or thermal energy obtained and minimise its impact on the environment. Recovering energy from waste allows us to utilise the energy resources found in waste rejected during the recovery process before it is sent to controlled dumps.

We apply the best available techniques to design, construct and operate facilities to dispose of waste in controlled dumps. We check that the cells are waterproof once they have been built and before any waste is dumped, develop degasification networks during the operation and reduce the environmental footprint of the process.