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At Urbaser, we offer environmental solutions for the industrial sector.

At Urbaser, we offer environmental solutions for the industrial sector. Our mission is the integrated and sustainable management of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, from collection and transport to the development of recovery, recycling, valorization and disposal processes for industrial waste.

Sustainable management of industrial waste

The management of industrial waste is one of the most important chapters of the environmental agenda in developed societies. Industry remains the engine of the global economy, and industrial waste management has a major impact on the sustainability value chain. In addition, the technological revolution and the digitalisation of society have increased the presence of new products containing hazardous materials. Within this framework, the management and recovery of this waste has acquired enormous importance, which has led to the development of mandatory national and international legislation.

Lines of activity

Regenerated base lubricants

Lubricating oils used in the automotive and machinery industries are one of the most frequent and most polluting waste products in the world. At Urbaser, we are working on the development of treatments to reduce, as far as possible, the impact of these used oils through recovery, recycling and regeneration processes.

Recycled fuel

Urbaser is a leader in the management of MARPOL waste, we provide services in 15 state-owned ports and in TANGER MED (Morocco). To this end, we have a wide network of transfer centres and treatment plants serving these ports.

Waste collection and transport

Our technical, legal and administrative know-how places the company at the forefront in the management, collection, transport, transfer, classification, minimisation and dispatch of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. To achieve this, we have a network of operational centres organised in six regional bases that cover the entire national territory.

Waste treatment and disposal

One of our main areas of activity is the treatment, recovery and elimination of industrial waste, actions with which we manage to drastically minimise the impact on the natural environment and, at the same time, comply with the most demanding environmental regulations.


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