Urbaser to carry out the new emergency cleaning service in Madrid

Urbaser will carry out the urgent cleaning service (SELUR) in Madrid for the next 8 years for a value of more than 20 million euros. Through the renewal of this contract, which the company has provided for approximately 20 years, Urbaser increases its presence in the Spanish capital, adding this award to the street cleaning service in Madrid awarded at the end of 2021.


Through SELUR, Urbaser will continue to provide urgent cleaning services, including:

New cleaning service and removal of graffiti and graffiti, cleaning of natural disasters, natural phenomena, of public acts or events, demonstrations and rallies, terrorist acts, traffic accidents, events in private areas by substitute execution.

Special cleaning of meteorological phenomena, environments of substandard housing, cleaning of homeless people and occasional cleaning of elements not included in other contracts, transport of confiscated goods to the PTV.

Removal and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, construction and demolition waste (CDW), furniture and furnishings affected by pests, abandoned electrical batteries, abandoned waste containing asbestos or fiber cement, glass, and tires.

Support to firefighters in waste removal, support in Plan Nevada activations and treatment of ice slabs.

Collaboration in the disinfection of streets and furniture in a state of alarm.


For this new contract, and as a sign of the company’s commitment to sustainability, Urbaser will have a renewed fleet of 110 vehicles and machinery, of which 8 are electric, 5 are hybrid and 35 are CNG.