Urbaser kicks off 2024 leading circularity with a campaign where we all take the spotlight

  • As part of its transformation process, the company starts this year showing in a new video how its employees lead circularity by becoming agents of change.
  • A new milestone in its mission to raise awareness of the impact that Urbaser’s activity has on people’s daily lives, highlighting the value of the circular economy.
  • A campaign produced by the specialized consultancy BrandFor that shows once again the company’s commitment to build a more sustainable future for new generations.

Madrid, February 8, 2024. Urbaser starts this 2024 with the aim of reaffirming its commitment to real circularity. To achieve this, they have just launched a campaign named ‘Together for Real Change’, accompanied by a video emphasizing the importance of preserving the circular economy in people’s daily lives.

Urbaser, which began its transformation process last year with a rebranding that consolidated a new vision, mission and brand values while reinforcing its message with the slogan ‘Making circularity real’, consolidates in this video its role as a key player in raising awareness about the protection of the planet, and showing its employees as leaders of change.

Tres personas sonriendo

“This video is an invitation to all of us at Urbaser to become agents of real change. At Urbaser, we own the responsibility of defining a path that we build together, creating a positive and direct impact today and for the future. We must all be protagonists of this change and, therefore, we want to show, from the citizen’s point of view, the impact that circularity can have on our daily lives”, says Fernando Abril-Martorell, CEO of Urbaser.

The circular economy is part of Urbaser’s DNA, enabling the company to become a resource manager. Transforming waste into resources, a direct consequence of circularity, is one of the group’s key strategic and articulates the company’s new value proposition based on an integrated model of environmental solutions that connect urban cleaning, waste collection and treatment with the valorisation of these resources.

Urbaser has entrusted BrandFor, consulting firm specialized in branding and marketing,the production of this campaign, which shows the close relationship between the work Urbaser does and the impact it has on people and society. “We wanted to represent what the circular economy really consists of from the moment we deposit a waste product in the container at home until those materials, treated and valorized, are reused to give life to other resources that others can use again, and that all citizens feel identified with this process, showing daily images of everyday life and, of course, showing our employees as a fundamental part of this process,” concludes Natalia Llopis, Communications Manager at Urbaser.

Here you can watch the video of the campaign, ‘Together for Real Change.’