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Urbaser is a leader in waste management and treatment and as such, develops design and financing activities, in addition to the construction, commissioning and maintenance of treatment and recycling facilities, biological mechanical treatment including anaerobic digestion and composting, energy recovery, transfer stations and municipal and industrial waste disposal facilities.

Waste treatment is one of the central themes of the Circular Economy. As one of the world leaders in this field, Urbaser endorses the goal of “zero rejects”, in line with European legislation. To achieve this, the company fosters a culture of constant innovation that allows it to recover the most waste and minimise the environmental impact of rejection.

Municipal waste treatment is one of the central themes of the Circular Economy. Continued



Within Waste Treatment, the Works and Conservation Division focuses its activity on the design, planning and construction of all types of environmental and waste management works and infrastructures. Continued



Sertego, a member of the Urbaser Group, is a leading company in environmental services for the industry sector. Continued


Urbaser in charge of the construction and operation of the Maldives waste-to-energy plant

This plant will solve part of the serious environmental pollution and the deterioration of living conditions caused by the inadequate collection and uncontrolled dumping of waste on the islands. Continued

URBASER_Planta en Maldivas

Urbaser takes the first electric collection truck to Expoelectric

25 November 2021, editorial web staff The tenth edition of Expoelectric, one of the most important events in electric mobility, took place in Barcelona on November 20 and 21. Urbaser was present at the tenth … Continued


Urbaser Forest in Arganda del Rey (Madrid, Spain)

12 November 2021, editorial web staff   In its commitment to offset its carbon footprint, Urbaser has reached an agreement with the City Council of Arganda del Rey (Madrid), whereby the latter has granted Urbaser … Continued

Bosque Urbaser-Arganda-del.Rey

Urbaser’s most sustainable cleaning service in Madrid

04 November 2021, editorial web staff   Urbaser has begun to provide the new sustainable cleaning service in the Spanish capital with approximately 350 vehicles, 75% of which will be environmentally friendly. Urbaser incorporates the … Continued

Urbaser's most sustainable cleaning service