The PreZero-Urbaser joint venture begins to provide waste collection and transportation services in Madrid

  • Through this contract, the company will provide service to one million Madrid residents, covering the districts of Arganzuela, Carabanchel, Usera, Puente de Vallecas, Villa de Vallecas and Villaverde.
  • The service will be more sustainable, committed to reducing emissions and more efficient thanks to the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies such as on-board computer systems and GPS.

It will have a duration of 6 years and will collect annually about 350 thousand tons of waste

The PreZero-Urbaser joint venture, which was awarded lot 3 of the public waste collection and transport service in the city of Madrid by the Madrid City Council, has already begun to provide these services for more than one million Madrid residents. The districts to be covered are Arganzuela, Carabanchel, Usera, Puente de Vallecas, Villaverde and Villa de Vallecas.

The contract, which came into force on November 1, 2022, will have a duration of 6 years. It will cover a population of 1,053,244 citizens, and will collect around 350,000 tons of waste annually thanks to the work of more than 600 workers.

According to Manuel Martínez, Urbaser’s National Director of Urban Services, “with the award of this contract, we continue to consolidate our position as a benchmark company in the sector and fundamental for the circular economy and sustainability in Madrid, thanks also to other services we provide such as SELUR or street cleaning in the city”.

In the same vein, Sergio Cabellos, regional director of PreZero, recalls that “thanks to this new award, Madrid will take another step forward towards the circular economy, through selective collection, giving a second life to waste, including organic waste that can be transformed into green energy, as is currently done by the Valdemingómez Biogas Treatment Plant to supply more than 35,000 households and serve more than 4 million EMT users per year”.

ZERO emissions commitment

The service to be developed by the PreZero-Urbaser joint venture will allocate 94% of the investment to the acquisition of new machinery for the renewal of the current fleet. A total of 145 new 100% sustainable vehicles will be incorporated, including 129 trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and 16 electric vehicles.

As a major commitment to innovation, the service includes fleet management by means of an on-board computer system, which will optimize waste collection routes and improve the safety of employees and citizens.

Likewise, GPS data will be incorporated in real time for constant control and measurement of the service provided. Volumetric sensors will also be installed in the paper-cardboard containers. This will make it possible to know the filling capacity of the containers.

These integrations will help to increase the efficiency of the established procedures, increase the performance of the service, improve the detection of incidents, reduce the effort invested by the operators and optimize the collection routes to make Madrid cleaner and less polluted.

In line with European Union directives, the contract includes, among other services, household and commercial collection of biowaste (organic), waste and packaging, batteries, clothing and glass. It also includes complementary services for the collection of health centers, markets or dead animals, the collection of construction and demolition waste, and the door-to-door collection of commercial cardboard.