180 containers designed with access for individuals with reduced mobility

180 containers designed with access for individuals with reduced mobility marks the beginning of RESURJA’s new investment in Jaén.

Redacción web, February 2018

First accessible containers installed in La Carolina

Residents in the province of Jaén will be able to benefit from the more than 1.2 million Euro that Resurja will invest in solid urban waste collection improvements in the province. Resurja is a state-owned company with private investment from Urbaser and the Jaén Council, and this 1.2 million Euro investment will be financed entirely by Urbaser.

One of the first measures is the incorporation of 180 containers designed to facilitate use among individuals with reduced mobility. The first containers were put into service this past January in the town of La Carolina. The event was attended by the town’s Mayor, Yolanda Reche, the Municipal Services Councilman, Bartolomé Cruz, and Urbaser representative José Torres. These containers are characterised by their side-loading system, which is accessible to individuals with reduced mobility, and the presence of braille text to inform users as to which type of material the container accepts. These containers will be installed throughout the fifteen municipalities that make up the Guadiel Consortium, where side-loading lorries are compatible with this model.

Planned actions also include the enhancement of 300 underground modules currently in place in the province of Jaén, investment in 110 camouflaging modules and container shields, and the replacement of more than one thousand solid urban waste containers. The project aspires to improve solid waste collection services, and facilitate access for individuals with reduced mobility.

Urbaser is conscious of its responsibility to the communities in which it operates, and maintains its firm social commitment to them. Of note is its intensive employment and social integration work for individuals with disabilities and those at risk of exclusion, collaborating to help create more accessible cities and a diverse society.

Among others, Urbaser joined the «Compromiso Integra» association in 2017, which is a network of companies and entities that are committed to providing individuals with disabilities and those at risk of social exclusion with access to employment and social integration.