Urbaser’s long-standing experience in the Spanish market, both in waste treatment and urban services, together with its commitment to technological innovation, has been the basis of its expansion in the European market in recent years. Its experience and its commitment to innovation and sustainability allow it to operate in 30 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, with a total backlog worth more than 3.2 billion euros.

Urbaser is now a leading company with a global presence. Urbaser's international activity accounts for a quarter of its total turnover. Continued



Urbaser has a delegation in 20 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Discover the huge environmental network of a leading company. Continued
Urbaser is one of the leading environmental operators in Chile, where it has been present for more than twenty years through KDM Empresas, a subsidiary of the Urbaser Danner Group, a holding company between Urbaser and the US company The Danner Company. Continued



Urbaser Ltd is a leading company in the British market, where it manages, among other environmental services, the cleaning of almost 500 kilometers of streets in London. Continued
Urbaser has extensive experience, offering services in cities such as Paris, where it is in charge of waste management. Continued



Urbaser extends its international presence with new contracts in Asia and Latin America

Urbaser, the global environmental services company, has increased its international expansion in three countries; having been awarded urban cleaning and waste management contracts worth €1 billion in India, Colombia and Ecuador. Continued

Urbaser collaborates in the largest scientific study on microplastics carried out on the seabed of the Canary Islands

Urbaser has decided to collaborate with the largest scientific study ever developed on the impact of microplastics on the ecosystem of the Canary Islands´ seabeds. Continued

Urbaser studies bioplastics as a sustainable solution for reducing marine and land-based pollution from plastic waste y terrestre por residuos plásticos

Urbaser, a leading environmental management company, working with European project SEALIVE, aims to reduce plastic waste along with marine and land-based pollution through sustainable bio-based plastic solutions. Continued

Urbaser transforms organic waste into bioproducts to be used in other sectors

Urbaser, a leading environmental management company, is is firmly committed to finding solutions that promote the circular economy and is studying how to integrate the transformation of organic waste into new bioproducts for other sectors through the European Urbiofin project. Continued