In 2019, the Group worked with more than 14,000 clients in different countries around the world. Public sector clients represent 80% of our turnover volume.

Client communication driving constant improvement

Urbaser works to satisfy the needs and expectations of its clients on a daily basis. Its commitment to the quality of all materials and services it offers is constant and expanding.

Understanding the opinion of its clients is fundamental for the Group. Its promise of constant improvement involves fluid communication between both parties. In 2017, client interviews were carried out to understand their level of satisfaction, with favourable results obtained in all cases.

Public sector clients represent 80% of our turnover volume. The Group’s experience and efficiency places it in an advantageous contracting position on the national and international market.

Through our regional management, we establish commercial relationships with our clients, which is handled internationally through national management.

Change as a synonym for growth

On 9 November 2017, Spain’s Official State Gazette (BOE) published the new Law 9/2017 on public sector contracts, dated 8 November. This law establishes contracting entities’ obligation to ensure that the design of bid criteria results in high-quality work, supplies, and services, specifically through the inclusion of qualitative, environmental, social, and innovative aspects associated with the contract’s purpose.

Urbaser is prepared to face the changes and new requirements for public contracts derived from this law, and has spent years driving new research projects that allow competitive advantages to be created.