We are a business Group with a global presence, and we understand our responsibility to create value on a local level by implementing business models that contribute to development.

Urbaser works to transfer its commitment to sustainability throughout the value chain, from supplier to final client. The goal is to encourage mutual collaboration relationships that provide value while still remaining sustainable.

The Group promotes a culture of equality and non-discrimination. In addition, it guarantees a work-life balance, and supports quality employment that fosters equal opportunities.

Urbaser is a benchmark company within the sector and beyond thanks to its work integrating diversity into its workforce, its policies, and its practices.

Efficient management and responsible suppliers. Continued
We take care of each and every one of our workers. Continued
Constantly committed to the quality of all materials and services. Continued


First electric vehicle battery recycling plant arrives in Spain

Endesa and Urbaser promote the construction of a facility in León (Spain) with the capacity to treat 8,000 tonnes per year Continued

vehicles energy transition

The urban biorefinery that allows organic waste to be converted into new materials

Municipal solid waste as a source of new materials Continued

Municipal solid waste

World Environment Day: what are we doing to restore ecosystems?

Urbaser apuesta por la protección de la biodiversidad Continued

Día mundial del medio ambiente Urbaser

Urbaser to begin the COVID vaccination campaign for its Alicante workers in June

Urbaser will vaccinate over 500 of its workers in Alicante in the next few days Continued

covid vacune campaign urbaser workers