Urbaser’s governance is guided by the principles of decision-making process efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency in order to contribute to the company’s sustainable growth and profitability.

URBASER’s governance bodies

The governance bodies that represent and administer URBASER are the following:

  • General Meeting
  • Board of Directors
  • President
  • CEO
General Meeting

The General Meeting is the body that represents shareholders, making decisions on topics that are within their powers according to the Company’s Articles of Association.

Board of Directors

URBASER’s Board of Directors is the Company’s most senior body of representation and management. The Board of Director’s functions include all matters that are not expressly reserved by Law or the General Meeting’s Bylaws. Included among the main functions carried out by the Board of Directors are the following:

  • The Company’s legal and extrajudicial representation.
  • Management and administration of all matters concerning the Company’s corporate objective, as well as its assets and businesses.

URBASER‘s President is chosen by the Board of Directors, with its members representing the Company.


The Company’s CEO is chosen by the Board of Directors, with its members representing the Company. The functions delegated are as follows:

  • Direction and management of daily matters, direction, coordination, and control of the activities carried out by the personnel under their supervision.
  • Adopting and implementing operational, strategic, organisational, and management decisions.
Integrated risk management and compliance model

Audit Control and Management’s main function is to provide support to the Board of Directors in terms of their general risk surveillance, supervision, monitoring, and mitigation content, as well as the company’s internal auditing services.

Urbaser’s Risk Management Policy/Standard includes the Corporate Governance risk management process in terms of organisation, planning and strategy, management, corporate policies, values, and ethical culture. These include the definition of the strategy and appetite for risk, functional segregation of risk takers or managing departments, and ‘zero tolerance’ towards the encouragement of illegal acts.

The Code of Ethics and Offence Prevention Manual, guaranteeing compliance

Urbaser has an Code of ethics that establishes the principles for action that govern relationships between Urbaser employees and its stakeholders. Compliance with the ethics principles presented in the Code is compulsory, affecting all Group company administrators, directors, and employees.

Urbaser S.A.U. wants to facilitate a specific communication channel that allows raising any possible irregularity, non-compliance or behavior contrary to ethics, legality and the rules that govern this company. Consult our Code of Ethics and notify us of any possible breach of it here:

The company also has a Crime Prevention and Response Manual, which is a structured control system meant to mitigate the risk of crimes being committed that can lead to criminal responsibility for legal entities.