Urbaser is committed to sustainable development as the best way to create social well-being, environmental balance and progress. We wholeheartedly accept the challenges facing humanity and the challenges of achieving a global model of sustainable development. We take responsibility and turn it into an opportunity.

We understand sustainability as a long-term commitment and believe that being sustainable is the best way to be economically and financially sound.

As a global company we consider that our responsibility is to create value in the fabric of the local economy by establishing business models that contribute to development. We create value for the geographic areas in which we operate by employing workers from the local communities or by partnering with local operators.

We take care of the environment and fight against climate change, we seek the highest level of environmental efficiency in all our projects and we raise awareness among all our employees to incorporate sustainability criteria into their daily work.

Urbaser’s Innovation policy is almost entirely focused on researching, developing, and implementing solutions that drive environmental progress in the areas it operates. Thanks to this constant innovation policy, each year we produce enough electricity with our activities to power more than 500,000 homes.

We avoid more than 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere, and we recover more than 475,389 tonnes of materials.

The environmental policy applicable ensures that activities are carried out giving priority to environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution and the sustainable use of resources, and includes a commitment to comply with the environmental regulations in force: integrated policy and energy policy.