Urbaser contributes to improving quality of life in communities where it operates through its social action policy and its commitment to incorporating groups at risk of social exclusion into the workforce.


URBASER is committed to society, and supports new opportunities and quality employment, promoting these opportunities to individuals that are in a vulnerable situation that may place them in a group that is at risk of social exclusion. For this reason, we are backed by partnerships and commitments with foundations, job centres, and companies specialised in integration, that share our principles and help make URBASER’s commitments a reality.


In 2019, we were able to hire 1,344 individuals at risk of social exclusion and 245 individuals with a disability.

With this, we are making a connection between our actions and commitments and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically goal 10.


In 2021, the Group allocated 1.6 million Euros to its social action activities, both on a national and international level.

Urbaser’s three pillars of action:

  • Local communities

The Group remains strongly committed to community social well-being by carrying out activities relating to social integration, labour integration, social well-being, and economic community development.

  • Environmental awareness-raising

Urbaser does important environmental awareness-raising work in the areas where it operates on the importance of managing waste, and respecting and caring for the environment, just to name a few.

  • Supporting culture and sport

Urbaser helps promote a healthy lifestyle among youth and adults, and encourages a culture of accessibility for everyone by sponsoring cultural events of public interest.

Breakdown of contributions made in 2021:


Our responsible commitment goes beyond people. The contract Urbaser holds with the Port of Santa María includes the management of the PATAS animal shelter, through which we have implemented the “Adopt A Friend” initiative to relocated all abandoned animals through adoption according to the “No Kill” policy. PATAS, is a non-profit organisation that protects, feeds, cares for, vaccines, and relocates abandoned animals.