At URBASER, we wish to promote a model of society free from violence and discrimination based on sex, race, religion, origin or differing abilities, whether physical or mental.

URBASER is committed to quality employment and the employment of groups at risk of social exclusion

We have thus established major alliances and commitments that help us achieve these objectives:


URBASER SA. supports the safeguarding of jobs of people with disabilities; in 2010 it created its own “Special Work Centre”, URBACET S.L., a leading company in integration into the workplace of people with disabilities


We are on the Board of the Integra Foundation which since 2001 has been working with the vocation of helping socially marginalised persons and people with disabilities to resume normal lives, through integration into the employment market. Urbaser is a strategic partner in promoting the real integration of these people.


Fundación la Caixa’s Social Work Programme has the aim of giving employment to socially marginalised people or those at risk. Urbaser is a member of its network of companies that promote the inclusion of these groups into the job market.


Urbaser is sponsor of the Las Terrazas club and benefactor of the Alcobendas Sports Foundation, as part of its Inclusive Rugby Project. In Urbaser we have many workers with disabilities, who do their job perfectly; this is why we believe in inclusion.


We are a signatory of the Diversity Charter, embracing and publicly committing ourselves to the following principles:

  • Equal Opportunities
  • Encouraging Inclusion
  • Respect for Diversity and inclusion of diverse profiles on our staff, managing diversity in our HR Policies
  • Promoting a balance between work, family and leisure time.

We are adherents to the “More Women, Better Companies” initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, whereby Urbaser undertakes to promote equality at the highest corporate levels, increasing the presence of women in positions of greater responsibility, without detriment to criteria of merit and ability.


Urbaser is one of the largest companies supporting the “Companies for a Society Free from Gender Violence” Initiative, launched by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. Through the signatory companies, this programme seeks to raise awareness in society on Equality and to encourage the insertion of women who are victims of this type of violence into the world of work.