Health and safety at work is a strategic priority for Urbaser. The entire organisation is pledged to complying with the standards set by the regulations.

Seeking zero risk

At Urbaser we know that our responsibility is to take care of each and every one of our workers and that the nature of our activity obliges us to be particularly scrupulous in regard to our health and safety policy.

At Urbaser we ensure the safety of all of them, in compliance with the legal requirements regarding risks; we provide training, information and raise awareness on each person’s responsibility so that the whole organisation becomes involved.

At Urbaser we believe that, when it comes to prevention, no effort can be too great. This is evidenced by the certifications we have obtained and the significant reduction in the company’s accident rates.

One of Urbaser’s constant priorities is to carry out its activities while guaranteeing the health and safety of our workers. The management system on this issue developed by Urbaser is based on the following commitments:

  • To comply with the laws and regulations applicable in this matter.

  • To avoid, as far as possible, the existence of occupational risks and prevent the occurrence of accidents.

  • To provide adequate training in the job carried out, in terms of safety measures and prevention of occupational risks.

  • To guarantee the participation, information and communication of staff and their right to be consulted on preventive matters.

  • To promote a preventive culture within the company.

  • To develop the action guidelines necessary for the coordination of business activities.