Urbaser is a world leader in environmental management, a global sustainability-oriented company, serving more than 50 million people in 25 countries through a huge network of more than 40,000 employees and over 160 subsidiary companies.

We at Urbaser want to turn our world into the place we all dream of. We guarantee access to basic resources, minimise the environmental impact of human progress and manage waste in more than 25 countries, converting it as far as possible for energy use.

We cover the entire value chain of environmental management, from project conception, design and implementation to the construction and operation of plants for waste classification, treatment and recycling. We are specialists in obtaining energy and resources from waste.

Operators of the Municipal Cleaning Service, Barcelona.

Our dream is to achieve a circular economy and every day we are working towards making the word “unrecoverable” obsolete. Everything we can do for the future is already here in the present. And with that mindset, we continue to play our small part in making the world a place where our children’s children will be able to live.Today for tomorrow.

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