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We clean over 45,000 kilometres of streets in various cities around the world and manage more than 59 million km2 of green areas.

Every year we avoid the emission of more than 5 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and collect more than 20.2 million tonnes of municipal domestic waste. In addition, we treat and recover 250,000 tonnes of industrial waste and 167,000 tonnes of mineral oils. In total, Urbaser treats 2.8 million tonnes of industrial waste.

The activity of Urbaser enables us to generate over 1,592 GWh each year, equivalent to the consumption of 455,000 homes. In addition, we have 232 MW installed in renewable energy sources.

We manage a sewer network of 2,568 kilometres. In Spain alone we manage all or part of the rubbish service of 50 cities, including Madrid and Barcelona.

The “Tircantabria” waste management plant in Cantabria

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