Urbaser is a company that has become an international benchmark. Deeply committed to the environment, its core values include excellence, good practice, trust, leadership, innovation and commitment.

The recent acquisition of Urbaser by Firion Investments puts us in a privileged position for our development in new markets. For this purpose, we rely on the assets that represent our knowledge acquired through more than 25 years of experience and the more than 40,000 employees that the group maintains worldwide. Every year we treat more than 18.1 million tons of waste, clean more than 8 million kilometres of streets, manage a sewerage network of more than 2,568 kilometres and treat more than 2,4 million tons of industrial waste, among others.

Our firm commitment to the circular economy has led us to combine our experience and technical capacity with innovation to try to improve our processes and thus minimise rejects in the recovery of waste and improve the integral management of public services that we offer to our customers.

We are aware of the environmental challenges and Urbaser’s role in their possible solution. It is essential to dedicate resources to mitigate the impact of human activity, so innovation and excellence are basic pillars on which the provision of our services rest.

This Urbaser website is a source of information not only about the company’s own activity but also about other valuable contents related to sustainability applied to environmental services.

Our activity has a direct impact on the quality of life of millions of people and we have to be able to explain what we do and how we do it in order to continue to earn the trust of citizens in general, and therefore that of our customers in particular.

We work every day to make the world a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable place.


José María López Piñol
CEO of Urbaser, S.A.

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