Urbaser began its activity in 1990 with the incorporation of TÉCNICAS MEDIOAMBIENTALES, TECMED, S. A. (TECMED), a company created to provide value-added services to municipalities and local authorities in waste and environmental matters.

27 years of success

In the following decade, the company would grow stronger with the incorporation of specialised subsidiaries covering the full spectrum of environmental services. As such, SOCAMEX (integral water management), ORTO (park and garden management), VERTRESA (waste disposal), and SERTEGO (industrial waste) were all major Urbaser group incorporations.

In 2004, URBASER, S.A. took control of TECMED following its absorption merger with the Dragados Group’s environmental division. This operation was one of the company’s defining moments, and lead to the birth of a leading environmental services business group, expanding its presence internationally into countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, France, Morocco, and Portugal.

In the years since, Urbaser has continued its national consolidation and diversification process thanks in part to its growing stake in TIRMADRID and TIRME, the area of incineration, and its support for R&D projects in the field of renewable energies.

Since 2009, the company has been driving its international expansion on five continents thanks to the creation of companies in countries such as Bahrein, Jordan, Oman, and India, just to name a few.

Urbaser has belonged to Firion Investments S.L. since 2016, which has meant the company’s definitive push towards international expansion, positioning it as an international benchmark for environmental companies.

Today, Urbaser’s own resources total 761 million Euro, treating more than 11 million tonnes of waste and producing more than 1,400 GWh of electricity. In Spain, we manage all or part of the waste collection and cleaning services in more than 50 cities, including the flagship cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Beyond Spain’s borders, we are present in 24 countries on four continents.

Urbaser is a global company with a network of more than 40,000 individuals who are dedicated to improving the living conditions of citizens all around the world. We collect, manage, treat, and recover waste so that it can be transformed into resources, guarantee access to basic natural resources such as water, and minimise the environmental impact of human progress.