Urbaser’s mission is to improve the living conditions of both present and future generations, ensuring their access to basic natural resources and minimising the environmental impact of human progress.

Urbaser is a world leader in environmental management, a global sustainability-oriented company, serving more than 50 million people in 25 countries through a huge network of more than 40,000 employees and over 160 subsidiary companies. Continued



We clean over 8 million kilometres of streets in various cities around the world and manage more than 35,000 km2 of green areas. Continued
We are one of the most important environmental services operators in the world, present in 30 countries and with a growth potential that puts us in a position to become a global leader. Continued



Urbaser is one of the world's leading references in innovation applied to the environmental sector and waste management. This firm commitment to research, development and innovation is the driving force behind its leadership, a DNA that is manifested across the board in all areas of the company. Continued
Urbaser is committed to sustainable development as the best way to create social well-being, environmental balance and progress. We wholeheartedly accept the challenges facing humanity and the challenges of achieving a global model of sustainable development. We take responsibility and turn it into an opportunity. Continued



Urbaser has a firm commitment to the personal and professional development of its human resources. This commitment is reflected in the preparation and execution of the Annual Training Plan, the main aims of which are to develop... Continued