The relationship between Móstoles and Urbaser began in 2004 and is renewed for the third time in 2022

The more than 200,000 residents of Móstoles will continue to receive service from Urbaser thanks to the award that the company has won, for the third time,Urbaser’s commitment to this city to the south of Madrid is strengthened and reflected after almost twenty years, maintaining the objective of continuous improvement of the service for the benefit of its citizens, the environment and the planet.


Services provided by Urbaser to Móstoles

  • Street cleaning: manual sweeping, mechanical sweeping, mixed sweeping, washdown, mixed washdown
  • Removal of graffiti and removal of furniture or fixtures.
  • Cleaning solar spaces
  • Remaining fraction waste collection, as well as selective collection of paper, cardboard and other waste.
  • Collection and bagging in side and rear loading.
  • Container maintenance


A commitment to sustainable mobility in Móstoles

The company is committed to ecological, sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility and, therefore, 50% of the total contract fleet will be electric and low-emission vehicles.

32 electric vehicles and 21 CNG vehicles will travel the streets of Móstoles to provide cleaning and waste collection services to its citizens.

For 8 years, with the possibility of another two additional years by way of extension, Urbaser will keep Móstoles clean and collected under the criteria of sustainability and innovation that characterize the company. A long-term relationship like the one with Móstoles shows that ensuring the future is a beneficial action for all.