The agreement will encourage contact and reconnection of citizens with nature.

28 may 2021, web editorial staff

Urbaser and the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO/BirdLife) have signed an agreement today with the aim of integrating biodiversity protection into the planning, design and management of urban green spaces.

More sustainable, biodiverse and resilient cities

There is a growing interest in incorporating environmental criteria into the management of urban green infrastructure. Citizens, city managers and green space management companies are now aware that urban areas are home to a rich biodiversity that needs to be promoted and preserved.


For Asunción Ruiz, Executive Director at SEO/BirdLife, “the protection of urban biodiversity must be understood as another priority regarding the quality of urban life, both for the ecosystem services it provides to its inhabitants, and for the opportunity that urban green spaces offer in order to bring nature closer to people and to raise awareness of this global problem”.

Urbaser y SEO BirdLife su unen para proteger la biodiversidadPor su parte, Urbaser, empresa líder en el sector

For its part, Urbaser, a leading company in the environmental sector, is committed to sustainable development as the best way to create social well-being, environmental balance and progress. Its Corporate Social Responsibility Action Plan 2018-2023 includes its commitments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, in the environmental area, the protection of terrestrial and marine biodiversity is one of its priorities, thus contributing to the achievement of SDGs 14 and 15, thanks to responsible production measures (SDG 12) to achieve more sustainable cities (SDG 11).

Miguel García Achucarro, Urbaser’s Business Development Director, says: “Contemporary urban green infrastructure management must place biodiversity as a key objective to achieve healthier, more sustainable and resilient cities. This is the responsibility of professionals in the sector, and at Urbaser we have the firm intention of improving our technical-scientific knowledge in order to seek the best solutions”.


Research applied to the protection of biodiversity

The agreement has an initial duration of three years, and during this time actions of common interest oriented towards research applied to the preservation of bird populations and overall biodiversity in urban environments will be carried out.

Efforts will be made to both integrate conservation into the design and management of green areas managed by Urbaser, and to set up urban volunteer and educational programmes in order to promote contact and reconnection between the urban population and nature.


The agreement includes technical-scientific training actions for the company’s services, with the aim of integrating and using the technical improvements available in the performance of its green area maintenance and management services.

In the concept of sustainable cities on which both entities base this agreement, the “most natural spaces” within cities, those that make up the urban green infrastructure, will be the main focus.

With this collaboration, both SEO/BirdLife and Urbaser hope to contribute to the integration of biodiversity preservation into urban management, and to take advantage of the opportunities that this entails so as to improve the quality of life of society in urban environments, also contributing to curbing the serious climate crisis in which we are immersed.