Separate waste collection improves the wellbeing of citizens and the planet

24 may 2021, redacción web

Technology and innovation are one of the greatest assets to boost the circular economy. In this sense, services such as door-to-door waste collection, a project of Barcelona City Council and Urbaser, seek to improve the lives of citizens by promoting sustainable development and encouraging separation at source and waste recycling.

Urbaser is an expert in providing door-to-door collection services both in Spain and other European countries. In Catalonia, the company already provides door-to-door waste collection services to more than 100,000 citzens, both in residential and commercial areas, with this service in Barcelona being the first in Catalonia to also include densely populated areas.


Circular economy in door-to-door waste collection

Urbaser will manage the new door-to-door waste collection service in the Sant Andreu del Palomar neighbourhood of Barcelona. This service, which will be implemented in two phases starting on 24 May 2021, aims to provide service more than 12,000 homes, 1,100 businesses and more than 27,000 residents by October.

Urbaser and the city of Barcelona have worked together in recent years to improve the separate waste collection quota, contributing to the sustainable development of the city through circular economy and sustainability policies. It is precisely within this line of work that door-to-door waste collection is being launched in Sant Andreu del Palomar. This is a commitment to co-responsibility in the correct separation of waste, the main objective of which is to improve the quality of life in the urban environment.


Reciclaje de plásticos


The main objective is to comply with European regulations that require cities to reach a 55% waste recycling rate by 2025. In addition, this system has other advantages, such as the removal of bins from the streets, which frees up space, and reduces nuisance and odours on the public highway.  Another advantage is that waste is deposited separately right outside the front door, according to a schedule agreed with neighbours, thus reducing collection days and avoiding inconvenience to citizens 3 days a week.


Efficient door-to-door waste collection service using innovative technology

In recent years, Urbaser has made a great commitment to providing efficient services using innovative technology. In this sense, it has incorporated the first series-produced 26 tonne, 100% electric collection lorry in Spain into the door-to-door service.

Another new feature is that the waste bags are fitted with a chip in order to encourage citizens to separate waste and to be able to monitor recycling in each household. In addition, service management and incident management programmes are incorporated.

It has been demonstrated that the door-to-door system contributes to an increase in selective waste collection, favouring sustainability policies, encouraging recycling and avoiding the final destination of waste. Waste becomes a resource and with it there’s a clear commitment to systems aligned with the circular economy.