Urbaser, a global environmental management company, has developed a set of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions under the worldwide registered trademark SENSIoT (Smart Environmental Services with IoT).

June 2020, web copy

    • Urbaser’s worldwide registered trademark SENSIoT encompasses all of its data technology and IoT solutions for environmental services.
    • This technology connects, processes, and centralises information from various assets, such as vehicles, smart containers, and other sensors deployed throughout the city.
    • SENSIoT has just been awarded the “FIWARE-Ready Software Enabler” certification which proves its ability to be integrated with FIWARE technology-based systems, such as the Smart Cities platforms.

With this innovative system, a complete set of information from the company’s assets is automatically collected and processed to maximise their value and offer advanced services. At the heart of these solutions is the SENSIoT-Platform, an IoT platform based on Microsoft Azure technology that consists of state-of-the-art information processing services.

The main objective of SENSIoT is the mass capture of the information generated by Urbaser IoT devices installed in different assets, such as the extensive fleet of vehicles and smart waste containers, thanks to various electronic devices and the latest telecommunications standards such as 3G/4G, Sigfox, LoRaWAN and NB-IoT. This information is then consolidated to be used by advanced software tools.


SENSIoT integrated into Smart Cities

SENSIoT allows this information to be exchanged with other systems, such as Smart Cities platforms, thanks to the “FIWARE-ready Software Enabler” certification, a requirement requested in urban service specifications for cities that have opted for this technology.


FIWARE is an open source framework used to create data platforms promoted by the European Union, which is particularly oriented towards data platforms for Smart Cities.

Such platforms allow the data from all vertical aspects of a Smart City to be grouped together (transport, mobility, citizenship, urban services, energy, water, urban planning, waste treatment, etc.) so that the information can be analysed holistically.

As Álvaro Palomo, Urbaser’s Head of IoT and Data points out: “With the implementation of SENSIoT, Urbaser is now capable of managing automated information sources related to a number of Smart City vertical aspects in an advanced way, such as urban services, mobility, waste treatment and water management, among others. Thanks to the development of these technologies that focus on solving people’s problems, we have managed to improve our lives in urban centres and in turn contribute to conserving the environment”.