Thank you. A word that is always necessary, but now more than ever.

April 2020, web copy

The coronavirus has distanced us physically, but it has united us more than ever. That’s why, at Urbaser we would like to acknowledge and thank all the health care personnel and professionals attending and assisting in hospitals and homes affected by COVID-19. But not only that, we also want to thank those who continue to provide essential services at this difficult time: truck drivers, supermarket and food store personnel, fire fighters, State Security Forces.

We also want to make a very special mention to our colleagues at Urbaser and subsidiaries. We would like to thank them for their effort, professionalism and commitment to ensuring and guaranteeing essential cleaning services in our country. These services contribute to substantially improving the well-being of the people and cities where we live. Day and night, they clean and disinfect roads, collect and treat our waste, take care of our parks and gardens, purify the water, provide mobility solutions and home care services. Because in addition to their regular daily activities, they have intensified their work so that we are all safer. They deserve our gratitude for the huge efforts in providing services that are even more essential at this time.

Our company plays an important role in building and sustaining the well-being of society. That is why a situation like this one has forced us to organise ourselves differently, but always keeping up with stringent demands and the highest quality levels that make Urbaser one of the most important companies in the field of environmental services both nationally and internationally.

Once again, thank you very much!