Last year, Urbaser joined the project “Plugs for a new life”, an initiative of the SEUR Foundation

February 2020, web copy

The recollection project began in the central offices and step by step, it went spreading throughout different Urbaser centers around the Spanish geography, the last to join were:


  • Alfaro Plant


  • CAM Sur Delegation
  • Cleaning services – Elche
  • Cleaning services- Las Torres de Cotillas
  • Cleaning services- Santa Pola
  • Cleaning services -Vera
  • Commercial Collection and Markets – Barcelona
  • Chiclana de la Frontera

Through the collection of plastic caps in the participating centers and their transport to recycling plants, we have contributed to improvement of the quality of life of children with serious health problems. At this time, thanks to the collaboration of Urbaser employees, we have collected the impressive sum of 187,500 plastic caps! With this achievement, we manifest a double commitment: on the one hand, our social compromise, helping many children who are in need; on the other, the environmental commitment, avoiding the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

This initiative responds to our pledge to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 10 and 11, among others, which helps guarantee equal opportunities and reduce inequalities, as well as ensure access to basic services for all people. In addition, the collaboration with the SEUR Foundation is a clear sign of support for SDG 17 which implies establishing alliances with organizations and foundations to achieve the objectives. But, above all, this initiative is a clear sign that achieving our goals is much easier when we all collaborate.

Because together we are more. And you, what are you waiting to join this project?