The facility, which is already operating at full capacity, will (potentially) manage up to 190,000 tons of waste per year and generate electricity for 25,000 homes

January 2020, web copy

  • It has a visitor center that will offer educational activities, courses and workshops on recycling, climate change and sustainability.

Urbaser, a global environmental management company, increases its international presence with the activation of the Gloucestershire plant, which specializes in waste management, located in the southwestern region of England.

The Gloucestershire energy facility, which Urbaser manages through the company Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB), is designed to significantly reduce the amount of waste produced in Gloucestershire from the use of heat treatment by combustion.

The facility, which is already operating at full capacity, is ready to manage up to 190,000 tons of waste per year and will produce more than 116,000 Mwh of electricity per year, which will be exported to the British power grid. With this management, the emission of methane, one of the most harmful greenhouse gases, will be avoided, generating enough electricity to supply nearly 25,000 homes.

The plant also has a fully equipped visitor center that will offer educational visits, courses and workshops on the importance in recycling, climate change and sustainability for schools, colleges, universities and other groups. The visitor center also provides a space dedicated to community meetings and events. Also the landscaped areas surrounding the facility buildings provide a natural habitat resource and a garden for exploration and educational study.

According to statements made by management, “with the commissioning of the Gloucestershire facility, we will increase our international activity by betting on sustainability by incorporating waste management systems that contribute to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases”.

International increase in the last decade

Urbaser’s extensive experience in the Spanish market, both in waste treatment and urban services, together with its commitment to technological innovation, have been the basis of its international expansion over the past 10 years. It is currently present in 29 countries, with a total international portfolio whose value amounts to more than 4.1 billion euros.

The activity carried out by the company allows it to generate more than 1,592 GWh annually worldwide, equivalent to the consumption of 455,000 homes, managing a 2568-Kilometers sanitation network and avoiding the emission of more than 1.5 million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. Urbaser also manages and recovers more than 4.6 million tons of inert waste, 23.2 million tons of urban solid waste, 2.8 million tons of industrial waste and 167.000 tons of mineral oils. Also it manages the cleaning of more 45,000 kilometers of streets in different cities around the world and as well as handling of more than 59 million square meters of green areas.