With these new contract in Polonia, Urbaser increments its international presence to 28 countries.

  • The project consists on a WtE plant with a capacity of 120.000 TPY. As well as, it meeting the limits set by the European Directive of emissions 2010/75/EU. Through WtE heat generation they will supply Olszytyn’s heating net.

The environmental management multinational, Urbaser, has been granted the desing, finance, construction and management of Olsztyn´s  WtE plant for a period of 25 years. The city of Olsztyn, placed in the Northeast of Poland and has more than 170,000 habitants.

The contract’s total value amounts to 387 millions of euros. With this contract, Urbaser will be in charge of operating the facility. It includes the mechanical treatment of MSW using WtE, which generates heat used to suply Olsztyn´s municipal heating net. In addition to that, Urbaser will be resposible for designing, building and launching the plant. Furthemore, Urbaser will also contribute with the funding of the project. The plant will have a capacity of 120,000 TPY, an installed power of 12 MWhe and heat generators with a thermic installed power of 70 MWt.

These processes maximize the system efficiency, hence widely surpassing the R1>0.65 WtE and emissions threshold, as required by the Directive 2008/98/CE and complying with the limits set by the European Directive of emissions 2010/75/EU.With the awarding of this new contract, Urbaser adds to their portfolio their first facility with Distric heating and steamheating generated through WtE.

The estimate start of the construction of the plant is for 2020, it will last aproximately 36 months allowing Urbaser to manage it for 25 years.

Urbaser’s presence in Poland

With this contract, the environmental management Company iniciates its activity in Poland, therefore being now present in 28 countries. This is aligned with their comitment with technological innovation as a way of expanding themselves in the European market during the last years.