Once again this year, we at Urbaser have participated in the 6th race against gender violence organized by the Ministry of the Presidency, the Zinet Media Group, and Archiletras.

June 2019, web copy

More than 2,500 individuals came together in Madrid, and we were there with them as runners and sponsors. Our team is always excited to take part in these initiatives, and explains how positive it is to promote and participate in these projects:

“It’s a way of telling people who are suffering that there are so many people that want to support them. We hope to use this race as a vehicle for expressing this and providing visibility”, says Luis Redondo.

Nuria Fonteboa: “Even though it’s called a ‘race’, running or posting a good time isn’t what’s important, the focus is this wave of runners shouting in stride in a show of solidarity against gender violence. I also think that it’s tremendously important for large companies like Urbaser to support these actions”.

“You don’t only come to this race for the competition, it’s also to help raise awareness on this social issue. The company helps facilitate its employee’s participation, which is often the push that we need. Also, this way you can spend some quality time with colleagues that you might only know in a working environment”, Fernando Lillo tells us.

For her part, Paula Flamarique says that “it’s essential for large organizations to support these initiatives. The more people that participate, the more visible the gender violence problem becomes”.

At Urbaser, we are firmly committed to eradicating this blight on society. That is why we are working on awareness-raising projects, and promoting the hiring of women that have been victims of gender violence. In fact, since 2015, we are proud to be an adherent company of the Government Office’s “Companies for a society free from gender violence”.