A unique new technology allows source biogas to be obtained, avoiding more than 500,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions

April 2019, web copy

Within the framework of the Climate Programme to reduce emissions, URBASER has collaborated with the sustainability and climate change focused consultancy ECOTERRAE to produce results such as the development and implementation of a unique new technology that allows active dump site biogas degasification of rejected material from our urban waste treatment plants.

Urban waste is pre-treated, and then subjected to an anaerobiosis process
through which methane gas (CH4) is obtained. The global warming potential of this gas is 28 times greater than CO2. The recovered biogas can be converted into biomethane or renewable electric energy, to be used domestically, for industry, or for vehicles.

This project is rooted in the Climate Programme, which is an initiative of the Ministry for Ecologic Transition (MITECO), the Spanish Office on Climate Change, and the Sustainable Economy Fund (FES-CO2).

With this new URBASER-created procedure, CO2 emissions can be reduced by more than 500,000 tonnes, thereby reducing the National Inventory of emissions and providing URBASER with €9.7/tCO2 over the next four years.