Through each of the people appearing in the video created for the International Day for Disabled Persons, our ability to overcome fears and adversity is made apparent. The opportunity just needs to be created.

Decembre 2018, web copywriting

URBASER is committed to the sustainable development of the regions where it operates. That is why it actively contributes to reducing societal inequalities, strengthening the value of each individual’s diversity of services and activities.

URBASER is proving that, once obstacles to integrating persons with disabilities are eliminated, they can actively participate in all activities, and provide exceptional human and labor value.

With its support, URBASER is making it possible for these individuals to lead a normal life; because having a job, certain responsibilities, and supporting a family is important to everyone.

Raul Telenti, Director of Personnel Management and Organisation at URBASER: “We firmly believe in an individual’s ability to carry out their work with enthusiasm and professionalism, overcoming adversity through empowerment and training”.