Forética encourages the integration of social, environmental and good governance aspects in the strategy and management of companies and organisations

. In September 2018, redacción web

Grupo Urbaser took on as a partner Forética, an association of companies and professionals in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, a leader in Spain and Latin America. It is made up of 240 partners which, through their activities, promote corporate social responsibility and the dissemination of good practices as regards sustainability.

“Urbaser is committed to sustainable development as the best way of creating social wellbeing, environmental balance and progress. We are firmly committed to ethics and transparency and we transfer our sustainability strategy to clients and suppliers. In addition, we are committed to technology and innovation aimed at reducing our environmental impact to a minimum. Our responsible management of the business leads us to provide a response to the needs of interest groups and a constant process of improvement in all facets of the company. Being part of Forética enables us to combine synergies and share good practices with other organisations in order continue growing in a sustainable manner,” emphasised Julia Tejero Ruiloba, a Member of the Board of Directors of the Urbaser Group.

In the words of the Managing Director of Forética, Germán Granda, “By joining our organisation, Urbaser will have innovative solutions for integrating social, environmental and good governance aspects into the management of its activities. This partnership also enables exchange of knowledge with the other members of the network.