45% of Urbaser Barcelona’s fleet of vehicles under 3.5 tons is currently electric. In the Barcelona metropolitan area alone, Urbaser has 113 electric vehicles.

October 2018, web copy

Our over 18 years’ experience in electric mobility back up Urbaser’s commitment to the environment with energy saving and sustainability. The Group’s commitment to emission-free electric mobility is based on collaborating with the public administration as well as other companies. In fact, Urbaser participates in projects and in associations that promote this type of mobility. José María López Piñol, Managing Director of Urbaser, says that “we have the experience, the technology and the staff to make us the best partner in implementing the electric fleet in urban services.”.

One of the best examples is the Urbaelectric lorry, introduced in 2017 and honoured for its contribution to sustainability in urban services. It is the first 100% electric HGV intended for automated selective collection of urban waste. It has autonomy of 130 km and a charging time of 5 hours.

Electric vehicles have many advantages. They are environmentally friendly, they generate zero emissions and enable smoke- and noise-free working. In addition, electric vehicles, being automatic, are easy to drive. Also, if training in efficient driving is provided, savings in battery use are achieved. An electric car has fewer parts than an internal combustion one, which means fewer breakdowns and less maintenance.

In 2013, Urbaser Barcelona launched the Recharge innovation project to promote electric mobility in this country. The aim was to give a second useful life to vehicle traction batteries. Héctor Vázquez, an engineer specialised in Urbaser electric vehicles, explains the process: “We capture solar energy with our own photovolaic panels to charge the vehicles and provide energy to an office. The energy is stored to be used during peaks in demand.”

A large part of the success of the Group’s electric fleet is thanks to the Smart Recharging System, which optimises energy consumption from the grid, thus reducing the necessary power and prioritising the vehicles according to the charge status.

It must be rememebered that the transport sector consumes the most energy in Spain and produces 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. Urbaser’s commitment to electric vehicles is a commitment to energy saving and environmental sustainability.