The piece highlights the company’s leadership role, its promotion of innovation, commitment to sustainability, and global nature.

October 2018, web copy

As a world leader in environmental management, Urbaser uses this audiovisual material to place the Group’s values and its key figures in the spotlight. The company provides service to 66 million people through a network of more than 40,000 employees working to improve quality of life by providing their innovative services responsibly and efficiently on 250,000 kilometres of streets in hundreds of cities around the world, to 61 million cubic metres of purified water, and with 2.4 million tonnes of industrial waste managed in our 56 centres. These figures speak for themselves, pushing Urbaser to the top as one of the world’s key benchmarks in the sector.

Urbaser is aware that reducing the impact of progress is a priority of the global agenda, and bases its business model on respecting and caring for the environment. Energy efficiency and reducing emissions are fundamental aspects of its environmental policy, thanks to which 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 have been saved from being released into the atmosphere.

Thanks to the efforts of its progressive innovation policy, the company has become a specialist in converting waste into resources as it stays true to its commitment to the challenges posed by the “Circular Economy” concept. Testament to this are the more than 460,000 tonnes of materials that have been recovered.

Urbaser CEO José María López Piñol says, “Urbaser is an international benchmark company that is committed to the environment. Our philosophy is based on excellence, good work, trust, leadership, and innovation. Every day, we work to make the world a healthier, cleaner, and more lasting place. For us, sustainability isn’t an end point; it’s a way forward”.