With this Urbaser-Barcelona Zona Este project, the company is backing an ambitious plan from Barcelona’s City Council that seeks to reduce the city’s environmental impact by transforming the city’s roofs, terraces, and decks into self-managed green zones.

July 2018, web copy.


Fachada y tejado verde


Urbaser will build a more than 400 square metre green space on the roof of one of its buildings located in an industrial area of Barcelona. Together with nine other finalists, the project won a public contest held by the Barcelona City Council that included a total of 45 technical studies.

When added to the spaces proposed by other winners, some 4,000 square metres of roof space in the Catalonian capital will be transformed into green spaces, which will save energy and provide the city with cleaner air. The effort squares clearly with Urbaser’s commitment to developing sustainable cities and fighting to protect biodiversity.

A great, green interconnected ecosystem.
Urbaser’s project seeks to connect all of the city’s neighbouring green spaces, creating a large ecosystem that is filled with life and able to grow and expand beyond the limits of the company’s building.

In respect of the city’s environmental and ecological regulations, this project incorporates a multitude of native plants, bird and bat nest boxes, and a tank where diverse species of insects and amphibians coexist… All in compliance with strict biological controls.

Fachada y tejado verde


The risk system is remote-manged and is connected to a rainwater drainage system. In addition, solar panels and wind turbines are able to provide a source of renewable energy.

Of the more attention-grabbing characteristics of Urbaser’s new roof is the installation of an air quality control and weather station, which will evaluate the ecosystem’s progress within the city’s environment. In addition, the floor located just below the roof will house an ecological classroom to address the spread of biodiversity by anthropic means and its adaptation to climate change.