The Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC, for its Spanish original), an organisation under the Ministry of the Environment, Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, awards this seal to companies that achieve specific results in their commitment to reducing the CO2 emissions of their activities.

The Ministry of the Environment, Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (MAPAMA, for its Spanish original) has awarded Urbaser with the prestigious ‘Reduzco’ seal recognising the environmental work it carried out during the 2012-2016 period to successfully reduce harmful emissions.

This is the first time Urbaser has received this seal, which rewards the company’s efforts made since 2013 when it created URGE CO2, a calculation tool for internal use that allowed the Urbaser’s carbon footprint to be quantified and evaluated annually, then externally audited in accordance with ISO 14064:2012.

In addition to certifying Urbaser’s environmental work in this area, the seal’s concession also recognises the “commitment and efforts” made by the company since 2012 in its fight to achieve 0 emissions.


Key policies earning the ‘Reduzco’ seal.

Among the principal measures Urbaser adopted in its fight against climate change, two lines of action that encouraged the Spanish government’s recognition stand out:

Energy-efficient project design at various centres to optimise energy consumption.

A strong push to acquire electricity from sources with renewable origin guarantees (GDO, for its Spanish original).


URGE CO2, an ambitious and efficient project.

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Since its creation in 2013, the measurement tool URGE CO2 has allowed emissions to be identified by activity, facility, and process employed by the various Urbaser group companies, thus improving post-analysis and allowing efforts to be focused on reducing the emissions of processes that most need it.