Gerardo Adrados Sánchez, Urbaser Contract Director, explained to attendees the assessment criteria that Contracting Entities will use to evaluate tenderer capacity and solvency when awarding new contracts.

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n light of the new Public Sector Contract Law 9/2017 enacted this past 9 March, ASEJA, the Asociación Española de Empresas de Parques y Jardines (‘Spanish Association of Park and Garden Companies’), organised a training day to analyse this law’s main consequences as they pertain to the procurement proceedings through which sector businesses tender.

The event, which was presented with participation from Miguel García Achucarro, Urbaser National Development Director and ASEJA president, was held at CEOE headquarters, and enjoyed the company of its associates’ legal holders and business managers. Gerardo Adrados Sánchez, Urbaser Contract Director, was a highlight, presenting his perspective regarding the new parameters on which the corresponding Contracting Authority will base its assessment of the capacity and solvency of tenderers in new contract awarding.

The event also enjoyed the participation of Antonio de Marcos from FCC, Javier Sigüenza, ASEJA General Secretary, and José María Hernández de Andrés, the Association’s Legal Department Manager, who addressed different aspects of the legislative amendment.

Finally, a roundtable was held, where attendees could ask the speakers questions on topics such as profitability and the quality-price ratio.