The President of the Provincial Council of Jaén, Francisco Reyes, highlights “the commitment of the Provincial Council of Jaén, with the support of our private partner, Urbaser, to convert this plant into the most modern in Spain and one of the most important in Europe”

Website report. Source: Europa Press.

Last February, the president of the Provincial Council of Jaén, Francisco Reyes, the Councillor for Municipal Services, Bartolomé Cruz and Manuel Andrés Martínez, director of Urban Services of Urbaser, inaugurated an innovative technology for the selection of waste in the Urban Waste Treatment Jaén-Sierra plant. This technology will enable the volume of waste recovered in the facilities managed by Resurja, a joint venture owned by the provincial Administration and Urbaser, to be doubled.

At the event, which began with a minute’s silence in memory of the Resurja employee who died recently following an accident at work, Reyes highlighted “the important investment that has been made in this plant, amounting to 4.4 million Euros, to carry out an automation process that will significantly increase the materials recovered, materials not collected selectively at source, but treated in these facilities.”

Among those materials, the president of the council cited metal, plastic and paper, “elements that are undoubtedly essential to recover in our goal of treating the maximum urban solid waste in the province of Jaén.” “We are talking about a plant where waste comes from 32 municipalities in the province, generated by 332,000 inhabitants of Jaén,” said Francisco Reyes, stressing that “with the materials to be recovered we will achieve that more than 14 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, the equivalent of the emissions generated by 7,000 vehicles a year, will not be emitted.” In this regard, Manuel Andrés Martínez noted that “the implementation of these recent technologies will almost double the number of products we recover, since we will go from about 5,000 tons to about 10,000, also recycling materials such as aluminium, of which we previously recovered practically nothing.”

Urbaser, partner of the Provincial Council
For the head of the Provincial Council “these are significant data which demonstrate the commitment of the Provincial Council of Jaén, with the support of our private partner, Urbaser, to convert this plant into the most modern in Spain and one of the most important in Europe.” This 4.4-million euro investment in automation, recalled Reyes, “is in addition to that made in the purchase of the almost 40 new vehicles that we have put in the courtyard of this plant so that mayors and mayoresses can see them.” 3.7 million euros have been invested in renovating the Resurja fleet, in addition to which, as the president of the Provincial Council added, “we are also renovating our container fleet spread across the entire provincial territory.”

One of the world’s most modern plants.
In this way, “around 52 million euros will be invested in modernising our plants, in the purchase of vehicles, in providing this company with the best infrastructure to continue improving the service we provide in the province of Jaén”, underlined Reyes, who has been” tremendously proud of and happy with” the service of collection, selection and treatment of solid urban waste in the province of Jaén, because “it is a service that is as good as the citizens.”

In this regard, he pointed out that “at present, Resurja deals with the USW of the province’s 97 municipalities,” and highlighted the work being done “in the municipalities where we have taken on the collection of rubbish, because we do it seven days a week, all year round.” In his opinion, this is possible “thanks to the economies of scale that are applied and to the company we have with us, which allows us to offer competitive services at a similar cost to citizens, regardless of where they live, be it in Fuerte del Rey, next to this plant, or in Santiago-Pontones, which is more than 3 hours from here.”

According to Manuel Andrés, the action taken is framed, “in the Modernisation Plan of the new contract we recently won and are starting up, and through which we are also working in the USW treatment plant in Linares.” In this regard, he highlighted that the Jaén-Sierra Sur plant “thus becomes one of the most modern in the world, because it includes all the latest technologies”, and that he was “delighted with this model of public-private collaboration, that enables any citizen of the province of Jaén to enjoy a standard of services perfectly comparable to anyone living in a city in Spain, and which we take as an example when we talk about possible collaborations, both in other provinces of Spain and in other countries where we operate.”