In general terms, the Report includes the company’s most representative magnitudes derived from its 2016 activities, both in economic, as well as social and environmental terms, thereby demonstrating its commitment to maintaining a strategy that is aligned with principles of sustainable development.

This publication is an exercise in complete transparency and the will to communicate with the stakeholders Urbaser connects with, offering a complete view of the company and the firm intention to strengthen a model of value creation and synergies with all parties.

The report confirms the company’s positive evolution, reflected in the consolidation of its current projects and the awarding of major contracts in the group’s two key business areas: Urban Services and Waste Treatment.

Following the Corporate Responsibility directives of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4), the document contains the most relevant information on Urbaser’s activities, its most recent international growth, and its strategies to adopt over the coming years, as well as the basic values that serve as the foundation for its corporate governance and business model.