In addition to joining the Foundation’s board of trustees, Urbaser also joins Compromiso Integra (Integra Commitment), a network of companies and entities committed to socially responsible employment made up of 51 large companies.

Web editorial desk, May 2017

Last June, Urbaser’s CEO and the Executive President of Fundación Integra signed the collaboration agreement by which Urbaser becomes part of the Foundation’s board of trustees. This new collaboration agreement will enable both organisations to continue working together and in a coordinated manner to facilitate access to jobs and the integration of people with disabilities or in situations of social exclusion.

This task is nothing new to Urbaser because, since 2001, more than 340 people who are excluded or disabled have already joined its teams.

In addition to joining the 15 companies that are already part of the board of trustees, URBASER will also be part of Compromiso Integra.

This new agreement bolsters Urbaser’s commitment to help improve the employment situation of the most vulnerable groups, promoting their inclusion in Urbaser’s own workforce.

Fundación Integra, for its part, will continue its selection and training work to ensure that the people chosen are precisely those who best fit the company’s needs. This also ensures that their integration has the desired results.

Offering the possibility of a new job to those people with disabilities or at risk of exclusion means offering them much more than just a salary; in many cases it means giving them the possibility to start over and guarantee a future for themselves and their families.

This is an objective towards which Urbaser is working actively, now as a member of the board of the Integra Foundation.